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5 min readNov 28, 2020


A Wise Investor is a Well Informed Investor


‘An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.’ Benjamin Franklin

Welcome to our second Fraud Stamp Monthly Bulletin. Every month we will discuss the topics that pose the greatest risk to all of us. Here at Fraud Stamp we are building a community so we rely on you to tell us what your major concerns are or threats so we can ensure we are all forewarned and forearmed. We are also pleased to announce the launch of our new website We are excited to be able to continue to build our community so that others can benefit from our tireless work.

Giving the Scammer a Kick in the Groin

The biggest news of the month is the launch of our second online course. Unlike our first course (which you can read about below) this is a short one (14 minutes in length) focused on the fraud threats out there right now as well as how we can counter these threats and deliver a kick to the scammers groin — hence the name of the course. Check it out here.

Hacks and Other Bad Behavior

Kucoin and OKEx are among the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. According to Kucoin’s website ‘…is the most advanced and secure cryptocurrency exchange to buy and sell Bitcoin…’ That didn’t stop them being the subject of the third biggest cryptocurrency hack of all time when $280 million was drained from their central wallet. Over 80% of the funds were later recovered. OKEx was forced to suspend all account withdrawals when an unnamed holder of the keys to the cryptocurrency assets was detained by police. They then went onto penalize users when they attempted to liquidate their holdings. It just goes to show you that investors should be buying their cryptocurrencies through regulated exchanges domiciled in their own countries of residence.

The Big Crypto News

Novembers news was that PayPal has entered the cryptocurrency market allowing investors to buy and sell certain cryptocurrency. The big news in the cryptocurrency space is the price action with Bitcoin and Ethereum and a few of the other altcoins such as XRP and Cardano. Bitcoin reached $19,000 and Ether $600 at the end of November. Prices have slipped somewhat since these highs but that possibly represents another buying opportunity for the brave investor.

Hacker Alert!

Hackers are at it again! This time they are targeting GoDaddy the largest domain name registrar and host in the world. Apparently security is so poor hackers have been able to change passwords and access secure areas of various websites. Hackers have been targeting mainly cryptocurrency websites.

Marijuana — Is it Really the Next Big Thing?

Is marijuana the next big investment opportunity? Marijuana stocks are hot right now. The North American Marijuana Index is close to its year high and the future for the industry is the brightest it has looked for many years. The recent election saw the legalization of marijuana in five US states and if the Democrats take the Senate then it could be possible that marijuana is made legal at a federal level. This would be a game changer. We believe this will happen eventually but it could take a few more years yet before being fully implemented. Our next article will explore the legal marijuana market, the opportunities and the risks. And of course where there is a boom the scammer is right and center. We look at the scammers OM for this market.

Our New Website — Building a Community

We launched our new website this month. Take a look at Join our community and sign up for our free reports, free online courses and future Monthly Bulletins. If you have any ideas for new reports or points of discussion please contact us. To warn others of potential scams, frauds or threats please let us know and we will spread the word via our social media channels.

Launch of our First Online Course — And Its Free

Fraud Stamp is always looking at ways to educate investors. Cryptocurrency is one such area we have identified where new entrants to this market face a number of unique challenges, from lack of regulation, to pump and dump schemes and complex instruments. On top of these issues there are the many scams and poorly thought out projects which litter the crypto landscape. The cryptocurrency market is not called the wild west for nothing. That is why we have launched our first online course to help educate investors in the cryptocurrency market whilst focusing on the risks and opportunities. Sure there are other online crypto courses but many of these are either too simplistic or offer no credible way to counter the unique risks facing investors in this market, and did we mention it is free like all our other resources. Click on the link below to review further information on this course.

Serious Cryptocurrency - From Beginner to Pro

A complete beginners guide to all things crypto, how to find the winners, the hot areas right now, trading strategies, the risks and much much more…

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